Friday, April 20, 2018

So Many PR's!!

We haven't posted in awhile, so I wanted to take a moment to recognize those athletes who have recorded some personal records.  The longer we train, the harder it is to achieve new milestones, so great job everyone for pushing yourselves to new heights!  We're definitely proud of you and the work we do here at CFG!

Angie Birdsall
95# Strict Press 3 rep max
165# Front Squat 1 rep max
160# Bench Press 1 rep max
45# Overhead Squat 1 rep max

Tami Soat
200# Deadlift 1 rep max

Alex Scheetz
170# Back Squat 1 rep max
115# Bench Press 1 rep max
265# Deadlift 1 rep max

Tamara Bader
235# Deadlift 1 rep max

Sammy Blaum
135# Push Press 1 rep max

Irina Ouahbi
87.5# Bench Press 1 rep max

Cindy Meyerhofer
107.5# Strict Press 1 rep max
127.5# Push Press 1 rep max

Ron Shutts
335# Back Squat 1 rep max
365# Deadlift 1 rep max

Ali Ouahbi
175# Overhead Squat 1 rep max

Jesse Gleason
275# Back Squat 1 rep max
185# Overhead Squat 1 rep max

Adam Hutchins
295# Deadlift 1 rep max
145# Strict Press 1 rep max
175# Push Press 1 rep max

Zach Ozee
453# Deadlift 1 rep max
225# Push Press 1 rep max
185# Strict Press 1 rep max
315# Front Squat 1 rep max

The Matt Blaum
215# Hang Power Clean 3 rep max
225# Push Press 1 rep max
365# Deadlift 1 rep max
155# Strict Press 1 rep max

John Meyerhofer
163# Hang Power Clean 3 rep max

Matt "Doc" Gullone
81 Unbroken Double Unders

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Results are In!

A huge thank you to all of you who participated in our first Fitness Challenge!  I can't tell you how proud I am of your results and the hard work you put into this past month.  Those of you who participated really worked your a$$es off and the results are proof that hard work and CONSISTENCY lead to positive results.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

So, after tallying up all the points and figuring percentages, here are the winners of the Challenge:

1st place, with a total of 5% lost and 69% of points earned (74% total),  Kristi Gempler ($100)
2nd place, with a total of 6% lost and a total of 57% of points earned (63% total),  Angie Birdsall ($60)
3rd place, with a total of 3% lost and a total of 60% of points earned (63% total),  Deb Wills ($40)

I am so happy for the three of you.  You took this Challenge very seriously and made some very positive changes.  I hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you!

Although this challenge focused primarily on improving individual health, one part of the Challenge also focused on doing random acts of kindness for others around us.  Our thought here was that by improving the lives of others around us, our light might shine a little brighter.  And, I can't tell you how humbled I was in reading your Challenge forms.  Without embarrassing anyone, I'd like to share some of these "random acts of kindness" so those reading can be just as proud of you as I am.  Here are some entries:
"Received a phone call to drive to Elizabeth to pick up people who had drank too much to drive and drove them back to Warren"
"Gave my cart to an elderly woman with a walker who was struggling to get a cart from the cart rack."
"Helped a stranger with directions."
"Put away carts for two people at Wal-Mart."
"Picked up trash and litter along a six mile route on the river."
"Baked 32 dozen cookies for farmers in my territory (and didn't eat one of them!)"
"Included a thank you note with our payment to Top Notch"
"Left a treat in the mailbox with a note for the mail person."
"Donated $5 to Children's Charity foundation."
"Donated $5 to Girls on the Run program."
"Gave waitress an extra big tip."
"Helped a person put their groceries away in the parking lot."
"Told the lady at the check out that I hoped she had a great day too!"
"Bought food for a new co-worker."
"Helped push person in a wheelchair during a tour while on vacation."
"Let people go ahead of us in line that were in a hurry."
"Helped an older couple with their luggage."
"Helped a mother with her infant so she could eat her lunch while it was hot."
"Helped a co-worker so she could leave work early."
"Sent extra supplies to school for kids that need them."
And so many more......

So, for the "Random Acts of Kindness" award, we actually have two winners.  Congratulations to Kelly Kowal and Tiffany Vrstal!  You will each receive $40 for your efforts.  But in all honesty, all of you did a great job and I know you put some smiles on people's faces.  You never know how someone's day is going or what problems they are dealing with, and I'm 100% sure you made a difference in someone's day.  How cool.

Thank you for making our first Challenge a success!!  I know I say it a lot, but I really am very proud of your efforts.  Part of being healthy and happy is surrounding yourself with like minded, inspiring, positive, hard working individuals, and you are these people in my life.  Thank you for being awesome.

Coach Craig

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

PR's, PR's, PR's!

Hey everyone!  So sorry I haven't posted these sooner!  But, it is important to me and I'm really impressed with everyone's progress.  Great job, you should be proud of yourselves!  Here are the latest PR's:

Tamara Bader:
Back Squat 1RM 165#
Push Press 1RM 110#
Hang Power Clean 1RM 105#
Back Squat 3RM 157.5#

Angie Birdsall:
Power Snatch 1RM 85#
Bench Press 1RM 157.5#

Sami Blaum:
Back Squat 1RM 205#

Tracy Berning:
Bench Press 1RM 85#

Alex Scheetz:
Deadlift 1RM 240#
Hang Power Clean 1RM 125#
Hang Power Clean 3RM 115#

Rachel Kane:
Deadlift 3RM 145#

Cindy Meyerhofer:
Hang Squat Clean 1RM 140#

Brett Shutts:
Clean 2RM 255#
Clean and Jerk 3RM 235#

Glenn Hilby:
Hang Power Clean 1RM 175#

Jeff Steele:
Deadlift 1RM 405#

Matt Stahl:
Bench Press 1RM 305#
Push Press 1RM 225#
Back Squat 1RM 425#
Deadlift 1RM 463#
Deadlift 3RM 455#

Bob Freiburger:
Back Squat 3RM #305
Deadlift 1RM 463#
Front Squat 3RM 275#

Earl Thompson:
Deadlift 1RM 405#

Tom Keleher:
Power Clean 1RM 205#

John Meyerhofer:
Deadlift 3RM 355#
Bench Press 1RM 185#
Power Clean 1RM 185#

Mike Grundhoefer:
Deadlift 1RM 405#

Matt Blaum:
Power Clean 3RM 205#
Power Clean 1RM 225#
Front Squat 3RM 275#

Ron Shutts:
Power Clean 3RM 195#

Jason Gonzalez:
Back Squat 3RM 400#
Deadlift 3RM 435#


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Numbers That Matter

Please bear with me through the first part of this blog post, I promise it will lead to something halfway relevant to the title.  But first....

I'm sure when some of you joined, the last thing you thought part of your training would include would be Olympic/Power lifting.  Some, if not most of you, had never done a power clean, deadlift, or snatch, or maybe you hadn't even done any work with a bar before.  It was new to you, and at one point, I'm sure the majority of you were a little anxious, maybe even skeptical, about performing these movements.  Of course, we can program classes that don't involve bar work, heavy weights (relative to your strength), or no weight at all, but we do this in order to provide you with the best training and best RESULTS possible.  With proper nutrition and adequate rest, most workout regimens will provide some type of result.  However, weight training, combined with aerobic exercise has been proven to produce results much greater than each of them alone.  This is science people! 

For clarity sake, I think it is important that you understand Jason and I aren't looking to turn any of you into competitive Olympic lifters; that would be a decision better left up to you.  However, to be clear, the reason we coach the movements and warm up the progressions is so that you can safely, efficiently, and effectively perform these movements under heavy loads.  When it comes down to it, I could seriously care less who has the most weight on any of the lifts because the weights are all relative to YOUR strength and ability.  Of course I'm excited as hell when any of you reach a new PR, but the main reason we train in these movements and preach about proper nutrition and recovery is so that you get stronger.  Adding muscle and strength to your frame has countless benefits, one of which it allows you greater capacity to train.  Take Fran for example.  21-15-9 of 95# thrusters and pull-ups.  Now this is a very simplistic narrative, but stay with me here.  Say it takes you 8  minutes to complete.  Now, in six months, you've gained strength in your strict press and front squat, so that 95# seems lighter than it did six months ago, and you've gone from 8 minutes to 6.  Getting stronger allowed you to increase your capacity.  You've gotten the same amount of work done in much less time, and that is what our goal is.  The ability to perform more work in a given time domain, to move more weight over a set number of reps, or to complete the same amount of work in less time are all measurable progress, and when we can do that, our fitness level, and health, positively changes.  So, in short, we aren't performing weighted movements to turn you into meat-heads, we use bar work to increase strength, which allows you to do more work, build more muscle, burn more fat, and increase your fitness and health.  Plus, strong people are harder to kill. 

Now, back to my main point of this post.  Like I said earlier, I'm really not that concerned about who lifts the most weight.  It's cool and sexy and impressive, but what I'm seriously concerned about is your health.  Five years ago, when I began my "journey" at CrossFit Dubuque, I was seriously out of shape. I had smoked for a few years, I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and had zero motivation to do anything physical.  I made a decision to take my health seriously and to hold myself accountable for whichever way my life was going to go from then on.  Fast forward five years.  It's been a great trip so far, I've made some great friends, had tons of fun, and have been successful at turning my health around.  Remember I titled this blog post "Numbers That Matter"?  A couple weeks ago I had a blood test done just for the sake of curiosity (which I guess is really fucking weird to the nurse's when you call to schedule a blood test for no apparent reason, but whatevs).  After getting the results, I realized exactly how much training and proper nutrition had paid off.  All of my levels were good.  But of most concern to me were the cholesterol levels:

Total Cholesterol:  Less than 200 is desirable, 200-239 is borderline high risk.  My total was 113.
HDL ("Good" Cholesterol):  Less than 40 is at risk, > 60 is very good.  My total was 63
LDL ("Bad" Cholesterol):  100-129 is near/above optimal.  150-199 is borderline to high.  My level   was 35.  Actually the Doc said he had only seen it that low maybe one other time.
Triglycerides:  Less than 150 is normal, 150-199 is borderline to high.  My level was 76.

You can see by the results, the past five years of training and consistent (not constant, because you know I love me some wings and beer) nutrition habits have paid off in ways much bigger than a PR deadlift.  In five years, I feel I have somehow reversed the hands of time, or at least extended my life by a few years.  Of course I'm going to continue to train to be stronger and reach new PR's, but not because I have any delusions of being the strongest or setting any records.  I will train to become stronger, just like you will, so that I can perform better, which will allow me to increase my capacity, which in turn will positively affect my health and fitness levels, which will lead to our ultimate goal of living longer, happier lives.

If you are interested in getting your blood tested, speak with your Dr; I would encourage you to do so.  Having the knowledge of where your levels are will give us a great place to start and a year from now, will be great information to compare to.  Keep training hard in the box to get those numbers on your lifts higher, but more importantly, to get better numbers on those things that really will extend the number of your days on this earth. 

Coach Craig

Friday, January 20, 2017


Due to Coach Lindsey's upcoming wedding, the yoga schedule has been adjusted slightly for the next couple of weeks.  After these dates, classes will resume as normal on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:15 pm.  Thank you!

Upcoming yoga classes:
January 23 (Monday)
January 25 (Wednesday)
January 30 (Monday)
February 1 (No Class)
February 6 (No Class)
February 8 (No Class, rescheduled to Feb. 9)
February 9 (Thursday)
February 13 (Monday)
February 15 (Wednesday)

All classes are still 7:15 pm, but you are welcome to come early to prepare for class. 

Also, moving forward, we will be working with Coach Lindsey and posting any yoga cancellations on our Facebook page.  These classes are also posted on our WODHOPPER gym software, so if you want to add that shortcut to your phone, please let us know and we can set you up!  And, as always, these classes are open to everyone, so please bring a friend - the more the merrier!

Thank you,
Craig and Jason

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fitness Classes Beginning Jan. 31!

Beginning January 31, CrossFit Galena will be adding fitness classes to the schedule.  Fitness classes will be held at 5:15 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These classes will consist of a warm-up, workout, and a cool-down and will concentrate on full body/body weight movements, interval training, sprinting/short distance running, rowing, and core strengthening movements, designed to raise overall fitness and health, without using barbells or Olympic lifting movements. 

Group fitness classes will be led by one of our knowledgeable coaches, who will instruct the class on movements and form so that the workouts can be performed safely and effectively.  These classes are designed for everyone and can be scaled to meet any individual needs.  But more than that, our group fitness classes are meant to increase your health and fitness in a fun, motivating, and supportive atmosphere! 

Fitness class prices are $65 a month OR $50 a month with a three month commitment.  Again, these classes will be held four times per week; Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. 

For more information or to schedule your free consultation and assessment, please click here, or email Jason and Craig at 

**We are offering a free fitness class on Saturday, Jan. 21, at 9:00 a.m. for anyone who would like to check out our facility, class structure, and get a great workout in!**

Friday, January 13, 2017

Latest PR's - Great work!

Hang Clean/Squat Clean Complex
Alex Scheetz- 95#

Hang Power Clean (3 rep max)
Brett Shutts - 185#
Tracy Berning - 115#
Chad Heidenreich - 175#
Nick Haskin - 165#
John Meyerhofer - 145#
Bob Freiburger - 245#
Evan Berning - 185#
Alex Scheetz - 105#

Deadlift 1RM
John Meyerhofer - 355#

Deadlift x3
Matt Blaum - 345#

Squat Clean 1RM
Scott Wernet - 215#

Thruster x3
Brett Shutts - 195#

Bench Press x3
Scott Wernet - 205#

Unbroken Toes to Bar
Dan LaFrancois - 40

Overhead Squat 1RM
Jesse Gleason - 165#
Jason Gonzalez - 285#

2,000 meter row
Craig Ketelsen - 6:49